Multi-Function Sensors


Multi-Function Sensors


The Ultimate Camera Parking Sensor System! Introducing the UPSOLUT Sensor.

UPSOLUT does it ALL! Introducing the UPSOLUT Multi-Function Parking Sensor.

As the only true multi-function parking sensor on the market, you have complete control of your parking management system. UPSOLUT’s built-in features will help you increase your parking capacity to 100%, track vehicles of interest, monitor customers, provide detailed parking statistics, and maximize your parking revenues.


  • Camera-based sensor
  • One sensor monitors up to 6 spaces
  • “Find My Car” functionality and smart phone app
  • License plate recognition
  • Video stream capture
  • Two-way audio output capability
  • Wide angle, fish eye surveillance camera
  • Ability to create "Black & White" list based on data collection
  • Virtual Nesting

UPSOLUT sensors can monitor up to six parking spaces, three per each side of the aisle. This helps reduce parking space abuse and improves safety.


Customers will no longer worry about forgetting where they parked with the UPSOLUT’s “Find My Car” smart phone app.